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What is this site? What's its purpose?

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  • What is this site? What's its purpose?

    Is this a pro trump site? It it a fake news site? Is it a site for Russians to exploit with fake news, like they did with Twitter and Facebook? Is it a site started by someone who is trying to profit off the divide in our patriotic of you? Is it a place for retired mothers to spread their trump propaganda? Maybe you retired mothers can use this forum to spread your ILK here instead of Facebook. Maybe then on Facebook you can post stories and pictures of your grandchildren, and family, like Facebook was originally intended. You know who you are food for thought, and shame on all of you!

    At least you got the name of this trump propaganda site correct, "Full of Bologna", just like the president himself.

    Make Donald Drumpf again!
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    This site is for anyone who would like a place to express their thoughts, promote their business, endeavors or creativity, without having their personal information collected and sold.
    Everyone should also know the site is blocked in Russia, and a few other countries.